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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 25, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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online and interacting. german to go. learn german for free. at the. us president. in switzerland landing ahead of him and zurich he bought of the how he copes of flies to davos to promote america first agenda there to a skeptical audience of world leaders and business big shots. also it's not just the big call for young people also getting up and close with the elite in. business life from. the. trump has landed in switzerland he's the first u.s.
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president eighteen years to tend the world economic forum in davos the white house has indicated that trump will spend the next two days pushing his america first agenda before leaving washington trump tweeted that he intended to tell the world how great america is trump is due to address the forum on its closing day friday the end of a week that saw his administration announce a new package of trade tariffs and sparks turmoil on the currency market. earlier today my colleague ben fizzling caught up with the c.e.o. of u.s. software company ca technology in davos to get his assessment on the trumpet ministration in particular its tax policy. and. its christophe who joins us from davos crystal the eagle has landed but the spotlight today is on another leader who
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has a difficult a sales pitch to make britain's prime minister tourism is addressing the form right now to explain how she wants to surgically remove britain from the e.u. without damaging our own and the e.u. economy too much it's a hard sell chris of is she convincing the assembled business elite that it breaks it is actually a good thing. well garrett as you mentioned it is a hard sell it has been a hard sell last year when theresa may try to lobby for exit for the first time here and davos today she said even with the u.k. being out of the european union britain is going to be a champion of free trade is going to encourage free trade or ground the world and thereby obviously. playing to that to the tune of many here in davos who obviously encourage free trade but it is a hard sell i remember last year when i listened to her speech about a what she called truly global britain
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a britain after breakfast she was just met with ice cold skepticism here among the crowd in davos and i don't think this has changed much this year talking of skepticism. of what's his role in which world will we see him that is going to trump the salesman or trump the controversial u.s. president. well i think we're going to see the salesman in chief here gephardt even though this is a controversial visit donald trump is trying to tout his america first agenda trying to woo investors at a dinner he will be hosting tonight for business leaders he will try to get what he claims fairer conditions when it comes to trade with u.s. allies and it is a walk into the lion's den for president trump who is never invited to davos as a businessman because many political leaders have clearly at least spoken out against unilateralism isolation walls all part of the america first agenda
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well because of times they can all make advisor gary cole and he has already said that america first is good for the rest of the world to how. buggery cohen said it's not america alone it is america first meaning that a strong u.s. economy is good for the world economy and vice versa the u.s. of course being the biggest economy of the world but speaking or judging from the harsh rhetoric of donald trump it's not really clear whether the u.s. sees a sell of part of the same game as gary cohn put it and if we look at the things that stephen newton the u.s. secretary of treasury said speaking about world trade he said about the recent slump in the u.s. dollar he said a weak dollar is good for us cared because of a davos for us thank you. not just the world's most powerful politicians
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a leading figures from the business world who are gathering in davos and recent years more and more young people have also joined the global elite as participants young people under the under the age of thirty so called global shapers are invited to take part in discussions on a large variety of topics we've met up with some of them. a brief moment to enjoy the view and then off she goes to the next appointment twenty four year old italian clara latina isn't dabbles to take part in discussions as is and a twenty six year old tech entrepreneur from germany thirty year old greek daisy cutter. is currently debating the rejuvenation of europe. i suspect from. a shared responsibility. to allow the youth. assists its future to hear the voice
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of hughes and to go through their action. for a better tomorrow for all of us more a night it more together and more creative. all three are passionate europeans. we have some common values. that me also theme that we are you know i'm unique population are part of having different language he or really. we harbor a place where free speech is important and human rights are respected. but there could be a big a shared sense of europe. i believe we could have a stronger sense of belonging in europe like what you have in the u.s. when i leave many people had a much stronger connection to their country and that's not something we have in europe even less so in germany i believe the sense of feeling european isn't really there.
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and the future of europe. may be different cultures should be taken more into account because greek has a specific surgeons. culture it's a different from the italians from the swedish people so. her children the difference this should be taken into the decision making process and should be respected. as a debate in europe goes on and these young people are here to contribute to it. the disconnect between politics big business and the public has to protests across what's this week for many doubles stands for an out of touch global elite set on multiplying their own extreme wealth leaving the rest and that's why fischel is here have launched a compelling to connect with those who can't afford the expensive trip to the fore
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. celebrities like will i am politicians see us can feel like a big speech bubble. in twenty eighteen every day people connected with them on social media asking the most burning questions. like gabriel. he wants to know whether in a world of high production we can ensure that inequality doesn't become a political problem and how can we are adequate misery. thanks for a great questions i think. inequality is inevitably a political issue so we shouldn't even try not to have inequality discussed politically afterwards we need to address it in practical ways and here my second point please doubt mississippi today is very much the result of violence
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war fear tensions in society also inequality we have to address the profound good causes of misery and violence in order to address more comprehensively. the questions and answers are matched and put side by side on instagram it's an effort to connect global leaders with real world concerns from real people. that try the business world currently gathered in davos is also looking to frankfurt today where the european central bank has been meeting the eurozone economy has posted strong growth recently but the e.c.b. has decided to leave interest rates unchanged at zero percent and continue monthly bond purchases until september the euro remained unchanged against the dollar on the news it at its highest level. since twenty four to. specter the zeal of the stimulus program in place let's cross over to frankfurt
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where my colleague ali abbas is standing by with a house the market reacting. it's reacting just a little bit but there's a little net change now about a half hour after or three quarters of an hour almost after the decision was made public the tax and how went down a little and now it's basically where it was before the euro down a little i think no surprise that at this stage of the game with a year of being so strong the euro basically counteracting the e.c.b. policy efforts to stimulate growth and inflation is not going away from an stance and it was before the euro was so so so strong hope that the e.c.b. might begin to talk about when it might ease and how but with the euro so strong i think people aren't surprised that everything for the moment is staying as it is. only what conditions would it take for the e.c.b. to begin to make a move. for the euro to go down and then the conditions as they are to stay where
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they are or improve further and people are expecting inflation to rise further it's already at one point four percent not that far away from the e.c.b. level that it's intending and also growth in the euro zone has been improving steadily in fact and it's heating up quite nicely so why should rates remain at zero and billions continuously poured into the market every month billy batson from for the thank you very much. and that's it from me and the business team here in berlin i'll have an update for you in the next hour before you go out of world markets and the performance at this hour thanks for watching.
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